Donate Towards our Emergency & Specialty Vet Care!

On top of our usual vet expenses, City of Elderly Love has recently been hit with some unexpected emergency vet bills. We need help to recoup some of our costs so that we can continue to save urgent senior pets from the shelter. Donations are securely processed through PayPal and are 100% tax-deductible (EIN: 46-4923885). 

Checks and money orders can be mailed to City of Elderly Love, PO Box 359, Skippack, PA 19474.

UPDATE 9/22/18: Our poor Gabby spent the majority of the week at Metropolitan again. Her edema returned and she needed to have a drainage tube placed once again. After several changes to her medication, it became tough for her doctors to determine if they were dealing with a resistant infection or if the mammary mass removed prior to coming to City of Elderly Love was malignant and this is a side effect of the cancer. Gabby is now doing well on Zeniquin and Chloramphenicol but only time will tell - she has a follow up appointment with her oncologist next week. In the meantime, she's happy to be back home and is receiving regular massage and compresses to help keep the swelling down.

Unfortunately, we have not recouped the cost of her initial Metro stay and this hospitalization will cost us a couple thousand more dollars. Please consider donating so we don't have to completely halt intake!

Gabby's Story

City of Elderly Love rescued Gabby, a senior Rottie from an open-admission shelter in South Jersey on Tuesday, September 4 where she had been turned in as a stray. Gabby had a large ulcerated mass on her abdomen and pyometra. The shelter was able to arrange for her to have emergency spay and tumor removal surgery at a local vet prior to going to rescue. Unfortunately by Friday, it was apparent that something was wrong. She had developed edema in her left hind leg and the swelling and bruising was rapidly getting worse despite strong antibiotics. Her foster mom rushed her to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates where she was immediately hospitalized.

Gabby spent the entire weekend at Metro and received surgery on her leg on Saturday. It was found that her leg was filled with pus which was draining from behind her tumor removal incision and causing infection throughout her leg. She had a drain placed which will remain until the infection clears. Another quick visit after being released on Sunday to correct the drain and she's finally home, on the mend, and feeling so much better. Gabby has remained her sweet, gentle self throughout treatment which is a true testament to how wonderful she is.

And while necessary, a three-day e-vet hospitalization and surgery is not cheap. Gabby's stay with our 20% rescue discount cost $2344.93, a good chunk of our veterinary care fund. We're hoping to recoup some of these costs in order to be able to afford to pull new urgent senior pets from the shelter. Please consider donating!

*Any donation overages will be applied to our general veterinary care fund to help care for our other senior pets!

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