Foster a Senior Pet


In order to save an urgent animal from the shelter, we must first have a foster home ready to care for him or her! By providing a senior pet a temporary foster home, you are not only saving his or her life from potential euthanasia, but providing his or her future family the chance at spending the best years of their lives with their best friend. Fill out a Foster Care Application today!

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean to foster an animal?

As a foster parent, you are essentially offering an adoptable senior pet an alternative to taking their chances in the already crowded open-admission shelter by providing them a safe, comfortable place to live until he or she is adopted. Foster parents are responsible for caring for their foster animals' every day needs, much like they would their own pet.


At what age is an animal considered to be a senior?

There is no cut and dry answer to this question. The lifespan of an animal is dependent on factors such as breed type, size, genetic makeup and overall health. Cats and smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs, but there are exceptions to every rule. Unfortunately, many animal shelters label animals over the age of 5 years as seniors while these animals may actually have many years of love left to give. Those animals labeled as seniors are often thought to be "less adoptable" than their shelter counterparts. Its important that we recognize every animals' potential and give them the shot they deserve.

Georgie, estimated to be around 10, was rescued from Philadelphia's animal control via hospice care in 2013!

What's included with fostering for City of Elderly Love?

City of Elderly Love currently partners with Dr. Larry Rebecchi, DVM of Philadelphia Animal Hospital vet to provide superb primary veterinary care to the animals in our care. We have also partnered with area vets, Rockledge Veterinary Clinic and Coventry Animal Hospital for secondary care and Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for emergency and specialty care. City of Elderly Love will cover all necessary veterinary expenses for the animal in our foster parents' care. We can also offer behavior assistance and training support, as well as marketing assistance! If a foster parent is in need of general pet-care supplies such as food, toys, bedding and crates, City of Elderly Love can work to provide them as well.

How long will I have the animal?

The length in which a foster family will have an animal in their care is very much dependent on that animal's needs as well as the level of marketing the foster family decides to do for him/her. City of Elderly Love represenatives would be happy to help promote adoptable animals to potential adopters and find the perfect match for each specific animal.

How do I find the animal a forever home?

There are a number of ways to market an adoptable pet. City of Elderly Love utilizes PetFinder and AdoptAPet to promote adoptables. Foster parents are also encouraged to use social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the word about their current foster pets. Websites such a are a great way to spark interest from the public. In addition to our own events, adoptable City of Elderly Love fosters are also invited and encouraged to attend Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia's community and adoption events!

I have other pets and/or children at home, is that a problem?

Nope! City of Elderly Love is made up of experienced foster parents, pet adopters and shelter volunteers. To help ensure that a foster pet will be the right fit for your home, children and resident pets, City of Elderly Love has experienced volunteers and animal behavioral specialists on hand to assess each animals' behavior while in the shelter and help determine the home most appropriate for that senior pet.


Are there any breeds of dogs or cats that City of Elderly Love won't help?

No, every animal is an individual and should be treated as such! We work hard to find our foster parents and adopters an animal with the personality that fits their family and home best.


What is "Hospice Care" and what is involved?

Hospice care fosters and adopters are a special group of people who provide end-of-life-care for terminally ill pets. In rescuing a senior pet from an open-admission shelter, his/her medical needs may not be immediately known. If after his/her post-shelter veterinary checkup, it is determined that he/she might not have all that long left to live, but is not thought to be suffering or whose symptoms can be appropriately managed, a foster or adoptive family may opt to provide that animal with a home where he or she can comfortably spend their final days/weeks/months loved and medically cared for until it is time to say goodbye. If you are interested in providing hospice care to an animal in need, please indicate so on your Foster Care Application!


How do I get started?

Simple! Proceed to the Online Foster Care Application at the link below. A City of Elderly Love representative will reach out once your application has been reviewed! Have additional questions about fostering a senior? Email

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